Our aim:
Your business success.

We make sure you are able to minimise bad debts and successfully develop new lines of business on a secure basis. The core of our business is secure data handling and meaningful interpretation of this data. We operate with personal commitment, superior analysis skills and cutting edge technology – and naturally always within the context of regulatory requirements.

More than credit rating information.

Boniversum gives you a sound basis of information and recommendations for risk management. This means you will always make confident decisions about whether to and under what conditions you want to enter into a business relationship with a private individual. As an experienced credit reference agency and subsidiary of Creditreform AG, we help our clients successfully reduce payment defaults to a minimum.

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Part of a strong group

As part of the Creditreform Group of companies, we have access to a wide range of resources. Creditreform has over 130 years‘ experience and is the market leader in debt management. We are part of a nationalwide network of around 130 decentralised Creditreform companies. At the same time, you benefit from the fact that we are as fast and flexible corporate entity which systematically meets your industry-specific requirements.

Boniversum Geschäftsführer Stephan Vila

Personal service makes the difference.

‚We see ourselves primarily as a provider of consulting services and not just as a data provider. We have our finger on the pulse for our customers and advocate innovative solutions. It is not just about providing more and more data in compliance with the law, but about discerning exactly the right information at the right time from the ever growing volume available and interpreting this information intelligently. We see the future in this and in our industry competence. This is also the substantial added value from which you as the customer benefit. It sets Boniversum apart from many others. Talk to us about your aim and objectives.‘

Stephan Vila

Managing Director Creditreform Boniversum GmbH

Our code of conduct.

Handling sensitive data and our insight into the most varied business areas (also internationally) require responsible action and strict compliance with applicable legal framework. All our employees therefore adhere to our Code of Conduct which sets out our basic ethical as well as social and environmental values. It can also be said that responsible action vis-à-vis the environment, laws, business partners and the general public is our foundation stone. This means you can rely on us completely.

Our memberships and partnerships:

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