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Our extensive experience in online retail enables us to offer tried-and-tested solutions that you can use to offer further convenient payment options in the area of payments or fulfilment, for example. Your commercial success increases as a result!

And the prospects are bright, as growth in the e-commerce and mail-order sectors has been going from strength to strength for many years. The problem for you as a shop operator is that more than 45 per cent of online buyers prefer purchase on account. If this payment option is not on offer, online buyers often switch to other providers.

As an online and mail-order retailer, however, you are exposed to a heightened risk of payment defaults with purchase on account. What to do? The solution lies in the use of our credit checks, which allow you to avoid this dilemma. You can adjust your choice of payment options to the creditworthiness of each customer. Therefore, you can offer a large proportion of your customers purchase on account. This means maximising your revenue whilst minimising the number of payment defaults.

Everything you need to know about the EU GDPR

Everything you need to know about the EU GDPR

As an online retailer, you undoubtedly process personal data, so you need to comply with the EU GDPR. To support you in this, Boniversum is providing you with relevant information on the subjects of data protection and credit checks as well as legally approved text modules which you can easily integrate into your GTC.

More information on EU GDPR

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