More than just
credit checks.

As markets, products, services and purchasing behaviour change through interactive media, for example, we adjust our portfolio of solutions according to current and, above all, future requirements.

Depending on your requirements, we will support you with state-of-the-art credit check products, complete solutions, consultancy services, technological expertise and comprehensive data analysis.

Building on our extensive experience and comprehensive databases, we also focus on increasing your conversion rate and reducing your costs in addition to minimising defaults. We advise you on all issues in the process so you can concentrate on your core business. Whether with strategic decision-making or implementing technology – we will support you.

Your modular, scalable business solution

The Boniversum CUBE platform is a fully automated, dynamic process-control and decision-making solution, uniting the benefits of an independent multi credit-agency interface with a scalable risk-management software. CUBE’s modules and logics can be freely combined as needed, and are specifically optimised for the industry concerned. As a truly holistic data management solution, CUBE will fulfil the needs of your digital transformation, just as it will those of your unique business model.

Focus on your core business and save on internal resources!


What information do you need against payment default or fraud? This can be completely different depending on the business transaction. We will therefore advice you on the products you need from us, how to assemble them in a modular manner and above all, how to obtain the information required in a matter of seconds.

Data analysis

Presenting large volumes of data in a few easy-to-understand graphic analyses requires significant know-how. We possess this knowledge and will generate analyses and decision-making matrices on your behalf that help you steer your business in the right direction. See for yourself with our free data test!


Data forms the core of our modular services. On this basis, we develop technological and industry-specific products. We set ourselves apart through the fact that our products can be integrated easily and reliably into digital processes and guarantee that our data is available in the most varied systems in real time (milliseconds).

Industry expertise

And what can we do for your industry?

Every industry has its own special requirements that cannot be met with uniform standards. We therefore place emphasis on industry expertise and individuality. The result: you can be sure that our solutions work.

Our industry expertise

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