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CUBE – Your modular, scalable business solution

The Boniversum CUBE platform is a fully automated, dynamic process-control and decision-making solution, uniting the benefits of an independent multi credit-agency interface with a scalable risk-management software. Numerous Boniversum services and other external data sources can be integrated along with your own product information and payment experiences, specific fraud indicators, historic application data and matching lists.

As a truly holistic data management solution, CUBE will fulfil the needs of your digital transformation, just as it will those of your unique business model.

Flyer CUBE (PDF, 437 KB)

Potential revenue improvements with CUBE – through selective use of a diverse module set.

CUBE’s modules and logics can be freely combined as needed, and are specifically optimised for the industry concerned. Moreover, its modules and rules can be replaced and updated without maintenance downtimes!

  • Address checks
  • Identity checks
  • Solvency checks
  • Velocity checks
  • Shopping cart checks
  • Limit management
  • Existing customer management
  • Blacklists / whitelists
  • Compliance checks
  • IBAN checks
  • Fintech checks
  • International databases / credit agencies
  • Device identity checkss
  • Monitoring
  • Gateway to other solutions …

Consulting, analyses and reporting for top performance.

Before the integration phase, we’ll assist you with an extensive data analysis, enabling customised and individual definition of the initial rules and logics. This is followed by subsequent data analyses and iterative fine-tuning, thereby ensuring optimal decision making at all times. And while specific quantity, quality and performance reports are generated for you on a regular basis, CUBE’s flexibly configurable alert mechanisms also allow dynamic process intervention, should this be needed between reporting runs!

Focus on your core business and save on internal resources! CUBE includes the following:

  • Dynamic control function for your process management
  • Risk management based on internal and external data
  • Rule-based decision making
  • Fine-tuning and implementation of new rules
  • Technological further development of CUBE’s integrated interfaces: SINGLE point of access to all service providers
  • Consulting and external risk manager
  • Analyses, reports, monitoring and e-mail alerts

Contact person

Adrian Brosterhues

Adrian Brosterhues-Niedziolka
Head of Risk Solutions

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