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Meaningful analyses.

Presenting large volumes of data in a few graphic analyses requires significant know-how. We have such knowledge and produce analyses and decision matrices that you can use to identify changes earlier, confidently adjust your ongoing business and plan future projects on a more informed basis.

Don’t just rely on your gut instinct. We monitor your business processes and – thanks to our analysis – can provide you with meaningful forecasts about how particular customer groups or business segments are likely to behave. As a result, you are equipped with decision-making tools that allow you, for example, to weigh up potential financial risks against commercial opportunities.


Vintage analysis.

Vintage analysis uses past data and long-term statistics in order to assess the risks facing new business models on a sector-specific basis. Banks – but also travel companies and suppliers of consumer electronics, for instance – can assess the point in time and amount at which a credit repayment or a payment instalment increases the default rate. This industry-specific score for the area prone to default helps design reliable financial products. Our analysis specialists help you evaluate the data correctly and devise tools to facilitate your decision-making process.

Retrospective analysis.

What would have happened when? And how might it happen in the future? Our retrospective analysis gives you customised answers to all these questions. For example, we work with you to analyse which risks or payment defaults would have been picked up using the Boniversum data portfolio. Always acting in accordance with data protection legislation, we can also identify how your customer portfolio performed in comparison with the data held by Boniversum. As a result, you gain a much more sophisticated and customised risk matrix that allows you to manage the underlying conditions of future transactions more effectively.


 Customer-specific scorecards.

The customer-specific scorecard is precisely tailored to your requirements and is a key instrument for your risk management. It helps you evaluate new and existing customers and measure the value of receivables. A scorecard also offers you planning reliability and higher earnings.

And with a scorecard, you can have forecasts calculated in next to no time – in a fully automated process with no additional staff expenditure. These forecasts can then be used to devise risk-appropriate business terms on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, scorecards play a vital role in many industries when it comes to taking on new customers. In the banking sector, scorecards make risk-based pricing possible in the first place.

We work with you to specify the objectives of the scorecard and handle its implementation, recalibration and maintenance, ensuring that your scorecard is always right up to date.

Zahlungsausfälle vermeiden

How many cases of payment default could you have avoided to date?

In our free test, we add our cross-industry information to your customer data and provide a graphic assessment. This enables you to look back and determine what percentage of payment defaults could have been avoided by using credit checks. The data test is completely free and entails no obligation whatsoever. Your test data will be handled in accordance with our stringent guidelines for the processing of personal data.

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