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Integrated solutions.

As a flexible company in a modern society, a single product is often not enough for you. Business processes are too interlinked and require more comprehensive services.

Boniversum focussed on this trend early and paved the way for integrated solutions. To this end, we offer you not only a series of individual products and services, but also tailor-made complete packages in close collaboration with our sister companies, Creditreform AG and the Creditreform companies in situ.

You can be sure that everything is tailored together perfectly. From the evaluation of potential customers right through to debt collection services. Or from the integration of our products into your process chain, also via your payment service provider, for example, through to multinational credit agency for your cross-border e-commerce activities.

Central credit reference platforms

Is your company planning to expand? If so, we will ensure that your credit check solutions keep pace. And if you already operate in foreign markets, we will simplify your risk management system and harmonise it across all European national borders. We will set up a universal credit reference platform on your behalf. For you, this means a uniform system and...

… just one interface/hub for all your requests. In other words: a considerable cost reduction, but more transparency across all business processes. A model with cascading credit reference platforms is also a conceivable option for the German domestic market. We will handle all the technology and get everything ready for you.

This gives you considerably more entrepreneurial freedom and far-reaching decision-making aids, allowing you to focus fully on your core business and on growth.

Partnerships with service providers

Have you outsourced certain functions to external providers? We can still assist you in terms of risk management. Our services have already been integrated into numerous partnerships with service providers, whether in the fields of payment, fulfilment or logistics. We will also be happy to work with your service provider on your behalf.

Benefits for you: even before an order is placed, we can determine which payment method is most appropriate for the customer concerned using an automated process based on address, identity and credit checks.

In other words, you are better protected against payment defaults, erroneous orders and fraud – and you can offer customers with reliable creditworthiness indicators the preferred option of purchase on account.

Partnerships with fintechs

Thanks to a combination of data from banks and credit reference agencies, modern and audit-proof online financial services are now possible. Generally speaking, a historical analysis of creditworthiness – i.e. the standard credit check – is not a sufficient basis for granting credit. A reliable overall picture only emerges when this is supplemented by up-to-date information about the applicant’s account.

The completely digitalised application process ensures full media continuity. There is no longer any need for PostIdent or to submit bank statements, wage slips, etc. This results in faster and more straightforward processing and also enables quick loan decisions and lower repayments. The financial services provider benefits from a higher conversion rate, minimisation of unpaid direct debits, lower administration costs and higher margins due to the lower risk of default.

Together with our sister companies, we offer you
a consistent and integrated solution portfolio for your
entire value creation chain.

As part of the Creditreform Group, Boniversum offers complete solutions tailored to customer requirements.

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