Modular and cost-effective credit check products.

What information do you need to protect yourself against payment default or fraud? This can be completely different depending on the business transaction. We will therefore advise you on the products you need from us, how to combine them in a modular manner and, above all, how to obtain the information required in a matter of seconds. The aim of our advice goes far beyond purely recommending products. We help you optimise your business processes, create more liquid funds and thus accelerate the growth of your company.

Our cross-industry data pool containing payment data relevant to the creditworthiness of private individuals in Germany constitutes the basis of our products. We can expand this pool for you to include further data relevant to credit decisions, such as adverse legal criteria, data on debt collection proceedings as well as identification and socio-demographic data. This data is evaluated using cutting-edge methods and individually configured analysis tools.

Our core services for you.

Address validation

Address validation.

Use this service to check new or existing addresses. If there is a spelling error, the address will be returned in corrected format. If an address is unknown, the program will recommend a check. As a result, you avoid unnecessary returns or possible attempts to commit fraud.



You can use this service to find out, whether the respective consumer is already known in our database. Depending on requirements, it is possible to identify individuals, households or buildings. Identification enables a quick check.

Credit checks

Credit checks.

This service gives you a forecast of your customer’s credit rating over the next 12 month. All available information is translated directly into recommended action via individually configured decision matrix.



This service allows you to monitor changes in your customers‘ credit ratings automatically and update your master data.

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention.

The risk test is particularly recommended for online trading. The tool identifies anomalies even before an order is placed and shows this in the system.

Data analyses

Data analyses.

The detailed evaluation of data and graphic presentation of the results gives you a sound basis for decisions.

Score cards

Score cards.

A score card individually configured to your requirements affords you even greater accuracy in your decision.

One-off credit checks

One-off credit checks.

As a small company or microbusiness, you can order small numbers of checks, or even one-off checks, from us.

Personal checks

Private individuals can order a free credit check of themselves at any time from Boniversum. This personal check lists all information that we hold about the private individual who has requested the check. The check contains identification data such as name, address, date of birth and previous addresses, as well as official/public data (e.g. court records) and information on the individual’s payment history. Furthermore, the check includes a score that predicts future payment behaviour.

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