Always accessible.

Whether in a customer consultation for a loan application or in the context of an online order, information about creditworthiness has to be available in an instant so that you can conclude your transaction on a sound basis and thus guard against payment default.

In order to make this possible for you, we employ high-availability systems and databases with standard response times measuring just fractions of a second. You have access to our credit rating information around the clock (24/7), with all information transmitted via encrypted communication lines as standard. You will be informed in good time if accessibility is restricted by maintenance work.

Technische Anbindungen

We offer you a wide range of technical options in terms of accessing our credit rating information.

  • Web-based XML queries in order to automatically retrieve a large number of checks in real time.
  • Browser enquiries for individual, manual requests.
  • Batch process via a (secure) FTP server for a large number of checks in connection with non-time-critical processes.
  • Files in the form of encrypted email attachments for a lower number of checks in connection with non-time-critical processes.
  • Web services (SOAP via HTTPS).
  • System solutions (SAP interface, etc.) to enable integration into existing processes.

We also work with professional and specialised interface partners who ensure secure integration of your existing shop software, for example, or your CRM system with our database.

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