Simplify your business with CUBE and create the basis for efficient risk management: one interface, one contract, but many data providers.

Easy decisions for better business

CUBE stands for data-driven risk and fraud management. Whatever your digital business is and to which extent to you need assistance with risk management—our SaaS platform, CUBE, is the right tool.

The CUBE platform is a fully-automatic and dynamic solution. All modules may be combined freely and your internal databases may be integrated. All regulations and logics are defined individually. You will receive a CUBE setup adjusted exactly to your needs and to changes when necessary.

100% Modular

All CUBE modules and logics may be combined freely as needed.

One interface for everything

The central CUBE interface will simplify your processes and reduce your IT costs.

Customer-specific setup

Adjust all logics and regulations exactly to your needs.

Efficient & flexible

CUBE’s modularity allows adjustments to be made quickly, on short notice and at low cost.

Personal contact persons

We will not leave you hanging! We can even continue to assist you after the integration phase.

EU GDPR-compliant & secure

Our ISO-certified data centers offer maximum performance with little downtime.

You want to be more efficient

Are you dissatisfied with the acceptance rate of your current risk management? CUBE is the ideal system for optimizing acceptance rates and fulfilling commercial requirements for revenue and costs.

You want to achieve the maximum potential of new and existing customers? Our CUBE experts will prepare a strategy with you based on your risk appetite and will use the flexible CUBE architecture to meet your requirements. CUBE’s modularity allows adjustments to be made quickly, on short notice and at low cost.

You want to protect yourself and your customers against online fraud

Your brand products are not only attractive to your customers, but also to fraudulent resellers. You therefore regularly have to deal with online fraudsters. But you are also aware of the sensitivity of your customer data and want to actively full your customers’ expectations for protection against data misuse.

To meet these challenges, CUBE offers proven standard instruments and individual machine learning solutions that dynamically adjust to critical new scenarios.

You want maximum flexibility and minimum IT costs

The modular CUBE system is contacted via a central interface which requires minimal effort to integrate and offers the greatest flexibility. Complexity will remain in CUBE. Desired adjustments to or expansions of your risk management can be implemented directly in CUBE. Adjusting the interface is usually not necessary.

You want to expand

Whether you are looking for new target groups or new international markets. CUBE risk management adjusts to your business strategy. CUBE is connected to various international data providers and the right modules for securing your expansion.

CUBE only needs to be connected to your system once. From then on, CUBE can be adjusted to your requirements without using your IT resources. CUBE will save you IT costs and allows you to focus on your growing business.

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