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Who we are

Founded in 1997, we are now a team of more than 100 employees fully committed to consumer data. As one of the leading credit agencies in Germany, we ensure secure transactions between companies and customers by providing credit information on private individuals. Our work especially increases security for both sides during online transactions and digital application processes.

Backed by a strong Group

As a subsidiary of Creditreform AG, we are part of the Creditreform Group. With over 140 years of experience, Creditreform is Germany’s leading provider of business information, marketing data and solutions for claims management. We are part of the German network of approx. 130 decentralized Creditreform subsidiaries.

We are also a flexible business unit with extensive industry expertise and individual solutions. In addition, since 2020, we have also been an official distribution partner for the geomarketing solutions of our affiliate, microm.

More about the Creditreform Group

Easily process secure transactions

Increasing digitalization presents great challenges to businesses and retail. Insurance policies and memberships are concluded on the computer at home. Online banking and online shopping are part of daily life.

What makes things easier for many consumers poses risks to our business customers. How do they know if a person is able to pay or who they claim to be? This is where we come in.

Benefit from our risk management solutions to prevent default and fraud:

  • Merely providing data 
  • Identification services
  • Credit checks
  • Platform solutions and decision-making systems


Learn more about our solutions for:

Risk management

Credit checks and scoring

“Our aim is to make anonymous transactions secure for both sides—businesses and private individuals. Because we provide consumer data to businesses in compliance with the law, we help businesses decide whether to enter into transactions with private individuals. Private individuals, in turn, can request information on themselves from us and check if their self-reported data is up to date and, if necessary, update their data at any time.”

Michael Goy-Yun
Managing Director of Boniversum