What information do you need to protect your business against payment default or fraud? We will help you optimally adjust your risk management.

The meaning of risk management

Risk management means all activities for managing (potential) risks. These may be various kinds of risk which may also vary depending on the industry, size of the business, and other factors. In our world, we speak of risk management where the assessment of the solvency or creditworthiness of a private individual is concerned. Identifying the person is also often an important part.

Why risk management?

If you are an online retailer who wants to process transactions with private individuals securely, efficient risk management is indispensable. When purchases are made on the Internet, important decisions must be made in seconds to offer the best possible service to your customers—who will not wait several minutes to learn whether they can order new shoes. You must determine if the person is the person they claim to be and which payment methods you want to offer. Since this is something you cannot do by yourself, we will assist you with our comprehensive risk management solutions to help you make these important decisions in seconds.

Risk management is not only important in e-commerce. Banks and financial service providers, insurance companies, (energy) suppliers, travel and many others require reliable risk management. Every industry has its special requirements that cannot be satisfied through uniform standards. This is why we offer industry expertise and individuality.

Our industry expertise

Great challenges, simple solutions

Data Silos

Leave isolated units and data silos behind. We use modern technical solutions to crack these for you and ensure communication between all relevant areas.

Fraud and Default

Which information is relevant to protect your business against fraud and default? We will be pleased to advise you about which of our products you need and how can arrange them—especially how you can receive and efficiently use requested information in seconds.

Limited IT Resources

Integrating our risk management solutions requires little effort and no concentrated IT manpower. Nor will adjustments, updates or maintenance be much work for your staff.

High Cancelation Rate

Prevent canceled purchases and non-completed shopping carts. Our “Purchase on Account” offer will increase conversions and our risk management solutions will best protect you against default.

Access to unique data

Our data represents a cross section of society—including your customers! An especially important database consists of valuable payment experiences of our customers from various industries. The payment history of our e-commerce customers are also relevant to other industries, especially where data is negative due to unpaid invoices. In addition, we provide exclusive data of Creditreform with a huge database based on debt collection and information on relationships between private individuals and business. Furthermore, our data pool includes various microm geodata. And best of all:

We will compile all data components for you—for the solution best suited to your business.

  • Exclusive data of the Creditreform Group: debt collection information, outstanding enforceable claims, data on shareholdings of private individuals—and much more
  • Identification Data
  • Sociodemographic data based on various microm geodata
  • Payment experiences of Boniversum customers (negative and positive)
  • Cross-industry data pool
  • Public data of local courts
Boniversum CUBE

The modular platform for your risk management

Flexible, scalable and fully tailored to your needs. CUBE is your platform for process management and decision-making to actively assist your risk management and increase your revenue potential.


Our industry expertise

Every industry has its own specific requirements that cannot be satisfied through uniform standards. This is why we offer industry competence and individuality.

Allow us to provide several examples. In addition, we also possess expertise in many other industries. Please do not hesitate to contact us about solutions for your business.

No more fraud in the shop

Through our extensive experience in online retail, we offer proven credit solutions that allow you to, e.g., offer additional comfortable payment methods. This will increase your business success.

The problem for you as the shop operator: more than 45% of online buyers prefer purchases on account. If these are not offered, online shoppers often buy elsewhere. 

However, as an online and mail order business, purchases on account subject you to increased risk of default.

What can do you? The answer: avoid this dilemma by using our solutions. Adjust offered payment methods to the buyer’s credit score. This allows you to offer purchases on account to a large number of your customers—which means: maximizing your revenue and minimizing default.

Plugins for shop systems

Automated real-time credit checks made easy. In collaboration with experienced IT service providers, we developed plugins for your shop system that perform credit checks on your customers, e.g., based on exclusive Creditreform data, automatically and in real time. Your customers will benefit from a broad range of payment methods. Default risk will be managed by you when you decide when and under which financial conditions to offer which payment methods.

Marc Leske / Boniversum
Marc Leske
Director Sales eCommerce

Tamper-proof decisions

Use relevant information to verify credit applications: our products guarantee tamper-proof decision-making and monitoring processes—digitally and on site. Our credit information allows you to recognize customers’ current or likely payment difficulties so you can manage your business with the applicants. Fast availability of this information enables you to make sound and secure decisions on credit when providing consultation. And benefit from our extensive offers to update your customer portfolio data in case of special BaFin audits.

Denise Gross / Boniversum
Denise Groß
Key Account Manager Financial Services

Optimal policy management

Comprehensive insurance: yes or no? Optimally manage and customize your policies by using our credit information. We will help minimize your claims ratio.

Every application process requires reliable information on the identity, address, credit score and financial history of potential new customers to optimally adjust the policy. We provide this information. Your benefits: ensure liquidity, reduce damage ratios and significantly minimize administrative work of having to process defaults.

Our solutions are of course connected to the German electronic insurance verification (eVB) process via GDV DL.

Risk Management | Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
Carsten Rieckhof
Key Account Manager Financial Services

For smooth billing

Secure your billing management with our creditworthiness information and reduce bad debts due to unpaid patient bills to a minimum.

We can develop a decision matrix tailored to your individual needs. This will determine which results of the credit check will lead to which decisions or which payment method should be offered to the patient. We can integrate this into your existing system via an interface to keep the technical effort as low as possible. This way, your settlements run smoothly and you make safe purchasing decisions if you also take over the factoring.

Denise Gross / Boniversum
Denise Groß
Key Account Manager Financial Services

Full power for your growth

Consumers’ willingness to switch is high. Although this market shift offers great sales opportunities, it also increases the risk of default. Energy suppliers must therefore know the credit score of potential new customers from outside of their basic supply area. Our credit checks allow offered payment and contract modalities to be managed individually and fairly during the application process.

Our solutions and sound consultation enable you to avoid default risk and set your business on track to growth. Risk of default will be reduced significantly.

Jenny Bauer / Boniversum
Jenny Bauer
Key Account Manager Financial Services

Offer travel on short notice without Risk

Risk of default is particularly high for individually-prepared travel packages and flights booked on short notice. This is especially problematic because, as a travel agency, you normally have to provide advances. Integrated into your online system, our credit checks provide security for any form of payment, whether direct debiting or credit card.

For example, filter out all persons with criminal records, i.e., negative indicators, when processing applications. You can either only offer secure payment methods or require higher advances for these persons. This allows you to minimize the risk of default without losing customers.

Marc Leske / Boniversum
Marc Leske
Director Sales eCommerce

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