Boniversum is a subsidiary of the Creditreform Group. Through our merger with other subsidiaries, your business will benefit from a broad service portfolio.

Strong together for your success

Boniversum is active on the market with other subsidiaries of the Creditreform Group. We are therefore able to offer a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of solutions to businesses. Use these synergy effects—for secure and successful transactions.

Creditreform Group facts

  • More than 160,000 Group members
  • 161 branches in Europe and China
  • More than 4,100 employees
  • One of the leading international providers of business information and debt collection services 

What we provide:

  • Market, location and target group analyses
  • Current credit information on private individuals
  • Current credit information on businesses
  • Efficient claims and risk management

Boniversum offers all services of the Creditreform Group which we select based on your needs and combine into an overall solution—for more security when establishing and expanding your business relationships.

Creditreform AG


As one of the leading credit agencies in Germany, we ensure secure transactions between companies and customers by providing credit information on private individuals, especially for anonymous online transactions or digital application processes. We offer various risk management solutions depending on need—from merely providing data to comprehensive decision-making systems. Since 2020, we have also been an official distribution partner for the geomarketing solutions of our affiliate, microm.


microm Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH is a geomarketing specialist. Using one of the largest data spectra on the German market and individual analyses of microm, businesses, agencies and public authorities have optimized marketing measures, minimized waste coverage and chosen the right locations for more than 25 years. microm products are distributed exclusively by the affiliate, Boniversum.

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CrefoPay is a joint product of specialized subsidiaries of the Creditreform Group and uses the payment and risk management platform of CrefoPayment GmbH & Co. KG. As a technical service provider based in Berlin, Germany, CrefoPayment uses its high-performance processing platform to assist retailers with accepting and processing payments by using the most common payment methods—in e-commerce and directly at the point of service (POS).

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Creditreform Rating AG sees itself as a competence center for credit rating and credit service products and focuses on providing ratings and determining default and credit risk for investors and lenders.

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beDirect GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for B2B marketing data and services. beDirect solutions include providing addresses to acquire new customers, adjusting customer databases and offering integrated data management concepts. beDirect is owned to one-half each by Creditrefom AG and AZ direct.

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Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH provides assistance through need-based consultation and tailored solutions for all areas of prevention in financial service compliance—from money laundering prevention to data protection to MaRisk and securities compliance.

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Creditreform for your business

From a single source: we offer a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of solutions with our affiliates for your business. This allows you to expand your success and process transactions securely and easily.

Find target groups and acquire new customers

Find the right target group and acquire new customers. Expand your customer base by finding people who think like your current customers.

More security for your transactions

Our individual solutions for your risk management will prevent default and fraud where possible—even when you don’t know your partners (yet). Applications range from merely providing data, identification services and credit checks to comprehensive platform solutions.

Easy payment processing

Make sound decisions about which advances or payment methods to offer your customers and stay on top of open items, incoming payments and other transactions.

Manage open items

Send reminders for open items and contact your business partners if things don’t go according to plan.

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